Where to Create A Free Website

One of the first steps to starting a business, no matter how small, is to build a website. A website is often the first experience potential customers have with your services. It sets expectations, anchors them to a level of service and quality, and can be a powerful means of generating new leads.

But building a website can easily get downright expensive in terms of time and money. So if you’re not sure you’re ready to invest thousands in a website yet, why not go free? The trouble is, of course, knowing where to create a free website that doesn’t look free.

Start your search by clearly understanding your needs. Do you need the website for the next six months or do you envision growing it in the future? Do you want a blog and email address or is the website for a simple personal project? And how important are your goals? Understanding your objectives and priorities will help you find the right free website builder for you.

After you understand what you want, start your search for free website builders on this listing of the Best Website Builders of 2017 where hosting and programming experts, and real customers, provide real reviews of paid and free websites. Let’s look at the top options for creating a free website.


A quick Google search of “free website” and any list will start with Wix. Wix impresses our reviewers as one of the easiest ways to create a free website. Wix also has a good server response time and good uptime, so you can rest assured your free website will stay up and running.

Despite its easy-to-use website builder and low cost, the free version of Wix has some major drawbacks, namely two Wix ads displayed on your landing page. And with just 0.5 GB of disk space, a Wix free website is best for small, personal websites, rather than a commercialized site.


Weebly is another highly-rated free website builder that our reviewers just love. Like Wix, our reviewers like the user-friendly builder that makes it ideal for inexperienced or new website developers. And with 10 GB of disk space, Weebly can support larger websites than the free version of Wix with similarly stellar uptime as Wix.

Like Wix however, a free website on Weebly also requires your website to show Weebly ads which doesn’t make it a good option for a commercial website. Some of our reviewers also found the website builder a little hard to customize exactly as they wanted so if you’re in need of a free website with more flexibility, consider Wix instead.


SiteBuilder is another popular choice for building a free website. Like Wix and Weebly, SiteBuilder is ideal for newbies with drag-and-drop features to build your website, rather than coding it from scratch. With 1,000 templates from which to choose, SiteBuilder has more options for creating something that looks beyond basic. Plus, you can add a blog to your website for free!

Of course, with the free price tag comes some severe limitations, namely that SEO tools are available only for premium or e-commerce plans. You must also upgrade to make your free website mobile-optimized, which also hurts your chances of getting found through organic search.

While it’s important to know how to find the right free website builders, nothing compares to in-depth evaluations and real customer reviews. So check out our Best Website Builders of 2017, where you’ll find reliable advice from hosting and programming experts.